Several years ago I was admitted to Macclesfield Hospital after a fall due to balance issues. Subsequent examination showed a broken vertebrae but that was only the start of problems to come! I was diagnosed with CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), a very rare disease of the peripheral nervous system involving the gradual development of weakness and loss of sensation predominantly in the arms and legs. In simplistic terms it is a complete meltdown of the nervous system. After diagnosis, treatment was started which thankfully began to improve matters. I eventually left hospital in a wheelchair after the longest 15 weeks of my life! My goals were to get rid of the wheelchair, Zimmer frames and walking sticks as fast as possible - in other words, I had to learn to walk again! I also wanted to be able to do 'normal things' such as taking a shower, preparing food and so on, to rebuild my wasted muscles, and restore flexibility and balance. I quickly realised that had to get back into the Tytherington Gym as soon as possible. My ultimate “fun goal” was to be on the 1st tee at Tytherington and play a few holes of Golf by a certain date. Together with the team around me I have achieved most of my goals! It's fantastic to be able to walk again, to do the 'normal' things, to be back in the gym with 3 programmes and to be back on the Golf course. I really appreciate the support and advice given to me by our Gym staff here at Tytherington - they have been excellent! I also need to thank the golf team who are helping me to get back into golf.

Barrie M

As a spinal surgeon I spend the majority of my time encouraging my patients to maintain a healthy weight and develop a strong core, as both are important if they want to minimise the risk of back problems. My goal is to practise what I preach so I have been working hard at The Tytherington Club. The team have been really helpful; we have worked out a program to improve core stability and I've been sticking to this. I've also been doing a lot of cycling and mountain biking. I've not rushed headlong into achieving my goal as quickly as possible as I didn't want to injure myself or burn myself out so I've been working on it for the last few months at a level I know I can keep up. As I tell my patients, the only long-term way to minimise back problems is to maintain a strong core and manage your weight on an ongoing basis, not just for a few weeks each year.

Clare M

We are new to the gym but have already achieved so much in the short time we have been here. Our main goal was to lose weight and become healthier in our older years. We already have a combined weight loss of 5 stone in 3 months! The success of our weight loss so far is working together and encouraging each other, sometimes with a bit of good-spirited competition! We come to the gym 4-5 times a week and have listened to the whole gym staff for their advice and guidance. We gave ourselves 12 months to get into shape for our daughter's wedding. We are enjoying it so much that we will continue for as long as we can beyond next year!

Kevin and Lynn

I have always kept fit but had to have open heart surgery 11 years ago, which then motivated me to take part in triathlons and cycling events. However, I hadn't trained seriously for the last few years. I recently decided to commit and get back to the level of fitness I had before the operation and so joined the club. On a whim I decided to enter the Cheshire Tough Mudder event last October, and was surprised to make it round the course. I really enjoyed it and felt the gym training had paid off. The gym team and many of the club members have been really helpful in giving me advice. I would like to thank the gym team for their encouragement and generally helping me exhaust myself! I have now moved on to more strength and conditioning exercises, and the gym team have really helped to encourage me and give me advice on programs.

Martin A

Recently I have been training to increase my speed and endurance when running over longer distances. I followed an excellent training regime set by Jack and set a new personal best in my most recent 10K run!

Amy F

I wanted to lose weight, keep the weight off and tone my whole body. I use the gym at least 3 times a week as well as doing pilates, aquafit andswimming. As a result I lost 3.5 stone over 18 months and have kept this weight off.

Carole F

Following a heart bypass operation in 2000 I started exercising to maintain a good quality of life. I now use the gym 3 times a week, as well as walking and golf. The team have advised me on the benefits of a varied and balanced diet, and have gradually adjusted my gym programme from mainly resistance, toward aerobic workouts and stretching. My heart rate is monitored to make sure I am exercising at the right level for my age and heart condition. I have been coming to the gym for 14 years now and hope to come for at least 14 more!

Barry H

After undergoing rehab from a heart problem aged 16, I was advised to work on strength and conditioning. Since joining The Tytherington I have committed to a training programme of weights and functional work. This has seen me progress in health and fitness, increasing in weight and strength, and achieving back-to-back hockey league wins with Alderley Edge Hockey Club.

Chris H

Following an accident I went 15 months without any exercise. I eventually decided it was time to get fitter again. I now spend 45 minutes in the gym on every visit followed by a swim in the pool. I am already feeling fitter and look forward to every visit!

David G

I want to stay strong as I get older, and also stay fit for golf. I have started doing intense weight training sessions plus cardio 4-5 times a week and have already dropped 2 shots off my handicap!

John W