Course News


June 2018 was the driest and warmest month since our records began.  June 2019 is turning out to be the polar opposite. Halfway through the month and we have already had June, July and most of August’s rainfall. This of course means no late nights for the team out hand watering parched greens and tees, but as you can imagine, it offers numerous logistical challenges when managing the workload.

The biggest dilemma is to cut or not to cut? The grass shoots up in the warm and moist conditions and is difficult enough to cut without the added issue of tyre marks and worse still, damage to the surfaces. We always try to wait it out and allow the ground to dry before taking the machinery back out but eventually that is exactly what we have to do before the rough turns to a hay meadow! We work on with fingers crossed that the weather turns in our favour.

The warm and moist conditions have pushed more development on the putting surfaces. With a number of small processes still to take place before Club Championships, we are very optimistic of some very nice surfaces for the event. The coming weeks will see us steadily build up to what is always our busiest week of the year.

To finish, a quick note of our recent push to install a number of bird boxes out on the course. With the help of David Tolliday and his colleagues at Macclesfield RSPB we have been able to put 50 bird boxes around the course. Initially, due to the late start of our project, David and his team were cautious of predicting any realistic results.The following is taken from David’s report:

Of the 50 nest boxes we have put up, 22 were in use, the majority were blue tits but also great tits and coal tits. At 44% of boxes in use this is a much higher occupancy than I expected especially given the short amount of time that the boxes have been on the course.

It is interesting to note that of the 15 boxes put up on 28 March 67% are in use, 50% of the 20 boxes put up on 1 April were in use and 27% of the 15 put up on 24 April were in use”.