I joined the Tytherington Club in December 2016 after being diagnosed with heart failure. I needed to try and change my life by controlling my weight and improving my mobility after not exercising for some time. During my induction I agreed a fitness programme with one of the Wellness Advisors and have just recently started pilates with the help of Becky, who gets me booked in on a regular basis to keep a routine.

Des H

I came to the gym with a primary focus of staying fit during pregnancy and to lose the baby weight. 5 months down the line, I managed to stay in the gym until 2 days before the birth and have now lost all baby weight. I did this with regular exercise and a constant progressive training programme tailored by the Wellness Team. As well as spending time in the gym, I’ve also been having freshly cooked meals and less wine!

Steph B

I am in training to be able to complete the Manchester 10K run next year and will be fund-raising for a very special person. My aim is to be able to learn to run successfully. Three times a week I have been increasing my speed and endurance. I have already noticed the benefits to my health and wellbeing. My running programme recommended by Becky is going well and is a challenge but I am determined to be able to compete next year. I hope to be in good enough shape to go out on the open roads. I would like to thank Kelly and all the gym staff for supporting and giving me encouragement and would hope my story inspires others to give running a try.

Gillian H

I have always kept fit but had to have open heart surgery 11 years ago, which then motivated me to take part in triathlons and cycling events. However, I hadn't trained seriously for the last few years. I recently decided to commit and get back to the level of fitness I had before the operation and so joined the club. On a whim I decided to enter the Cheshire Tough Mudder event last October, and was surprised to make it round the course. I really enjoyed it and felt the gym training had paid off. The gym team and many of the club members have been really helpful in giving me advice. I would like to thank the gym team for their encouragement and generally helping me exhaust myself! I have now moved on to more strength and conditioning exercises, and the gym team have really helped to encourage me and give me advice on programs.

Martin A

Recently I have been training to increase my speed and endurance when running over longer distances. I followed an excellent training regime set by Jack and set a new personal best in my most recent 10K run!

Amy F

I wanted to lose weight, keep the weight off and tone my whole body. I use the gym at least 3 times a week as well as doing pilates, aquafit andswimming. As a result I lost 3.5 stone over 18 months and have kept this weight off.

Carole F

Following a heart bypass operation in 2000 I started exercising to maintain a good quality of life. I now use the gym 3 times a week, as well as walking and golf. The team have advised me on the benefits of a varied and balanced diet, and have gradually adjusted my gym programme from mainly resistance, toward aerobic workouts and stretching. My heart rate is monitored to make sure I am exercising at the right level for my age and heart condition. I have been coming to the gym for 14 years now and hope to come for at least 14 more!

Barry H

After undergoing rehab from a heart problem aged 16, I was advised to work on strength and conditioning. Since joining The Tytherington I have committed to a training programme of weights and functional work. This has seen me progress in health and fitness, increasing in weight and strength, and achieving back-to-back hockey league wins with Alderley Edge Hockey Club.

Chris H

Following an accident I went 15 months without any exercise. I eventually decided it was time to get fitter again. I now spend 45 minutes in the gym on every visit followed by a swim in the pool. I am already feeling fitter and look forward to every visit!

David G

I want to stay strong as I get older, and also stay fit for golf. I have started doing intense weight training sessions plus cardio 4-5 times a week and have already dropped 2 shots off my handicap!

John W